Shots please

Fashion and music have long been influenced by the 1990s and the same trend seems set to continue. The street scene has seen trouser suits, fringed fabrics, attitude boots and fisherman’s hats. In addition to the outfits, there is also a clear 90s influence in hairstyles, with more and more celebrities’ bun and ponytail hairstyles complemented by frontal hairstyles that are combed to frame the face.

The trendy 90s have also made a comeback in the bar sector. Do you still remember the shot culture that came to Finland in the 1990s? Salmari and Hot Shot, the latter of which also became a popular after-ski drink. The popularity of shots has grown again, and mild fantasy caramel shots are expected to be particularly popular. Alongside these, traditional long-lasting favorites such as mint shot, fisherman shot and blueberry shots are also holding their own. Shots are usually consumed in one or a few sips from 4cl glasses, preferably as cold as possible. Typically, a shot contains only one alcohol, but shots can also be made by layering or adding cream, for an example.

Lignell & Piispanen’s products include Toffee, Hotti Shotti and Saltkis Salted Caramel Shot. All of these are suitable to be enjoyed on their own, but you can also try these combinations:


2 cl Crafted Cold Brew coffee liqueur
2 cl Toffee liqueur

Blueberry Shot

3 cl Lumoava glogg
cream float

Hot Orange

3 cl Pople Orange-Mango liqueur
1 cl Hotti Shotti liqueur