Back to the family business - Lauri Nylund as Sales Manager of Lignell & Piispanen

BBA Lauri Nylund has been appointed as Lignell & Piispanen’s Domestic Sales Manager as of 01.02.2022. Lauri Nylund will return to the family business’ commercial organization after working for the last three years as a sales representative at Fazer Makeiset Oy. Prior to that, Lauri worked at Lignell & Piispanen in export, HoReCa relationships and events.

“It’s great to be able to return to Lignell & Piispanen and at the same time to my hometown Kuopio. I am looking forward to working as part of a professional and committed team and to developing cooperation with our clients. Today’s consumers are increasingly looking for pure natural flavors, compatibility with food, and experience in their beverages. I feel that Lignell & Piispanen’s high-quality products made from real ingredients can meet these demands both today and, in the future,” says Lauri Nylund.

“Lignell & Piispanen is about to embark on the 170th anniversary of the family business, for which we have many plans, measures and expectations towards customers, consumers, stakeholders and staff. I am proud and excited to welcome back Lauri, who knows the house and its products inside out, to the operational side to strengthen sales. I believe that Lauri has gained a lot of valuable commercial and business development experience and insight at Fazer, an evolving brand house with a strong focus on customer centricity and experience, which will also be useful in our own work,” says Kirsi Räikkönen, CEO of Lignell & Piispanen.

Further information: Kirsi Räikkönen, tel. 040 7700 804, and Lauri Nylund, tel. 044 362 5151

170 years from forest to glass. Lignell & Piispanen, founded in 1852, is celebrating its 170th anniversary this year. We are the third oldest family business in Finland still owned by the same family. We produce drinks in Kuopio in line with the “from forest to glass” philosophy. Our long history has taught us to focus on the essentials – unique flavours where you can taste the origin. Our best-known products include Loimu, Gustav Tillivodka, Gustav Metsä Gin, Marskin Ryyppy and Mesimarja and Lakka liqueurs.