10 Tips for serving drinks in parties

Champagne, sparkling wine, sparkling drink, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, punch or jug drinks. That’s something to be weighed at once. We wanted to ease the burden of the party organizer for a little and give few tips for successful drinks.

Tips for serving sparkling drinks

1. What to offer. The choice is influenced by budget, target audience, alcohol percentage and own taste. In our selection, you’ll find Jeeper Grande Reserve Blanc de Blancs champagne, whose small and rich bubbles put the feeling of celebration in one’s mouth. FINNA sparkling drinks, which are made in Kuopio, bring a new kind of Finnish addition to the cavalcade of sparkling beverages. In the five-percent FINNA Arctic Bramble, you will taste the noble and aromatic taste of the arctic bramble. FINNA Cloudberry is Lignell & Piispanen’s tribute to the gold of Finnish swamps. As a non-alcoholic sparkling drink, it is suitable to be served to everyone. Did you know that sparkling wine can be flavored with liqueurs, for example, Blackcurrant Liqueur brings beautiful color to the drink as well as charming taste and aroma.

2. Cooling. Cool the bottles and allow the acids to level out at the same time. The suitable serving temperature for sparkling drinks is from 6 to 10 Celsius. The bottle from the room temperature will cool to the appropriate serving temperature in the refrigerator in about two to three hours.

3. Opening. When opening the bottle, there are a few things to consider so that you can get the cork out safely. Be sure to orient the mouth of the bottle away from people including yourself. Take off the foil hood and the metal cage. Take a firm hold from the bottle cork with one hand and from the bottom of the bottle with the other hand. Remove the cap by rotating the bottle from the bottom and with the other hand control the movement of the cap. This way the bottle opens easily, safely and, most likely, you will receive praises for your skills. Keep the opened bottle in the refrigerator or in ice closed tightly so the bubbles are preserved better in the drink even for the last recipient.

4. Serving glass. There are different glass options for sparkling drinks. Flute, coupé, tulip… The thing that you should consider when choosing the glass is how wide the mouth of the glass is. The wider the mouth, the faster the bubbles will dispel from the drink and the drink will warm up. Tulip glass brings out best aromas and features of drinks. By the way, when holding the glass from the foot or the stem, the drink won’t get warmed up by the heat from your hand the same way it does while holding from the bowl.

5. Quantity. Sparkling drinks are poured into a glass of about 10 cl. You can pour the required amount into the glass in two batches. Especially if there are a lot of glasses to serve, you can speed up the service by pouring glasses to half few minutes earlier and when serving just filling them up.

Kannujuomista helpotusta tarjoiluun

By serving punch and jug drinks, you can get easier with serving drinks

With punch and jug drinks, you can get more drinks served at once. Here are some tips for making punch and jugs drinks.

6. Quantity. Roughly, it can be calculated that one guest drinks 2 dl punch in the first hour and during the next one deciliter. For example, 10 guests would consume 5 liters of punch during a 4-hour party, or 20 guests at a two-hour party would consume 6 liters.

7. Alcohol content. When mixing the punch, keep in mind its alcohol content as well. A drink for party should not be too strong so that it can be consumed a couple of glasses. It’s easier to spike up the punch than to start diluting it.

8. Ice keeps the punch cold and, when melted, dilute the drink. Small ice cubes melt faster than larger ones. When making a punch, you should put an effort into the quality of the ice.
You can make more durable ice yourself by freezing, for example, in freezer boxes or milk cartons of larger size. Take the already completely frozen piece of ice at room temperature and let it melt for about 10-15 minutes and freeze it again. Repeat this 2-3 times. This gives you more dense and durable ice when the excess air is being squeezed out. The ice becomes more transparent and clearer. If desired, you can dye the ice with juices or liqueurs and decorate it with frozen fruit, berries, or herbs. Try making an ice cube entirely out of juice so the punch flavor won’t get watery or for a gin-based punch to make ice cubes out of tonic.

9. While decorating, it is time to put your own imagination into the game. As already mentioned earlier, you can use ice itself as decoration and freeze beautiful elements inside them. Fruits and berries as decorations bring beautiful colors and authentic flavors. The safest thing to use for decoration is to choose the flavors that are already in the drink mix. Or you can go crazy like we have done in our favorite jug drink with strawberries, oranges, and peach, and they look amazing among Pople Peach Punch.

10. Serving dish. You can build a drink mix into a punch bowl or a jug. From the punch bowl, the drink is dispensed with a punch ladle into glasses. Nowadays the punch dispenser with a tap has become common, and when using it you need to remember not to put as decoration, for example, herbs. That can clog the tap. When putting the mixture in a jug, it is convenient to pour the drink directly into the glass.

On our website you can find recipes to a variety of drinks that are also suitable to be served as jug drinks or punch. For summer parties, for example, the fresh and summery Gustav Blueberry Mule is perfect as a jug drink.