IWSC awarded Lignell& Piispanen products

Products of Lignell&Piispanen were awarded again in the most internationally prestigious competition IWSC. This year, liqueurs had the best success among the products. First time runner, Saltkis Salty Caramel Shot, represents the more modern style of liqueurs which differ from the traditional berry liqueurs with bolder flavor combinations or with sugar content. 

“Success in international competitions such as IWSC is important for us, especially to our export, as IWSC is well-known and prestigious international competition whose results are closely monitored in the sector”, says Räikkönen. Next to international markets is heading Saltkis Salty Caramel Shot, whose packaging is revamped keeping in mind the export markets. “With the flavour of Saltkis Salty Caramel Shot has been played boldly with combination of savoury and sweet and it appealed also the judges. Saltkis raised praises especially of its versatile flavour. According to the judges the product is well-made and enjoyable”, states Räikkönen.  

Saltkis Salty Caramel Shot got 92 points and a silver medal from IWSC

“I am especially happy also about the success of our berry liqueurs. Our company is celebrating 170th anniversary and our roots are strongly down on nature’s ingredients, and we still manufacture our berry liqueurs with traditional methods extracting from the berries. For an example manufacturing our cloudberry liqueur from berries to the final product takes almost two years”, Räikkönen continues. “It is great that our ‘From forest to glass’ philosophy and craftsmanship is also valued internationally. And it has been valued since 1900 when Arctic Bramble Liqueur won gold in Paris exposition”.  

Besides Saltkis Salty Caramel Shot, Arctic Bramble Liqueur and Cloudberry Liqueur other Lignell&Piispanen products which were awarded were Gustav Metsä Gin, Gustav Dill Vodka and Gustav Aquavit.  

More information about IWSC competition: https://www.iwsc.net 

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