Two new Loimu flavors in honor of the 170th anniversary

The 170th anniversary year can be tasted and seen in Lignell & Piispanen’s 2022 glögg novelties. Loimu 2022 Vintage Strong Glögg gets its taste from the golden Cloudberries and red-cheeked apples. The new non-alcoholic Loimu Premium tastes like forest blueberries.

“In recent years, we have invested significantly in glögg selection and responded to prevailing consumer trends. Our selection now includes 7 different flavor variants, two non-alcoholic, two low-alcohol and three fortified wine glöggs. One of these is based on white wine. The most famous of our glöggs is Loimu Vintage Strong Glögg, which we have been producing since 2008. This year’s flavor is refined Arctic Cloudberry and Apple with Christmas spices. The wonderful forest green look of the bottle with golden decorations communicates our anniversary and our forest-to-glass philosophy,” says Kirsi Räikkönen, CEO of Lignell & Piispanen. “Loimu Vintage Strong Glögg has been Finlands best-selling premium glögg for several years now, and there have been requests for an alcohol-free sister product to it as well. In honor of the anniversary, we fulfilled this wish, and this year Loimu Premium Glögg packaged in a golden Loimu bottle will be sold in grocery stores and for export,” continues Räikkönen.

Loimu’s largest international markets are in German-speaking Europe and the Baltics. New markets have also opened up in Asia, Belgium, Great Britain and France. The export of glöggs is increasing year by year and makes up a third of glöggs sales. The goal is to double the export of glöggs by 2025.” Even though German-speaking Europe is a Glühwein region, high-quality premium mulled wine, Nordic natural ingredients and Finnish design are highly valued there,” Räikkönen smiles.

Loimu 2022 Vintage Strong Glögg will be available in Finland on September 29. Alcohol-free Loimu Premium Glögg is available in grocery stores in September-October, depending on the store’s selection.