Success in international competitions like The IWSC opens door for imports

Lignell & Piispanen CEO Kirsi Räikkönen is holding the results of the internationally acclaimed IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) competition. The IWSC, is a competition that has been judging and awarding the world’s best wines and spirits for half a century. “IWSC is a world-renowned, international competition, the results of which are closely monitored in the industry, as it sets an international quality level for alcoholic beverages,” says Räikkönen. For Lignell & Piispanen, success in international competitions is important, as it opens doors for exports to new locations.

“Finnish, high-quality and clean raw materials are highly valued in the world, and our philosophy“ From Forest to Glass ” speaks internationally. Despite the Coronavirus, over the past year we have managed to increase our sales to the most traditional export areas to Central Europe. At the same time, we have opened new export areas and now also export our products for example to Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg and Mexico, ”says Räikkönen. Success in respected international competitions is a guarantee of quality, especially for international customers, and next year the 170-year-old family business aims to increase exports so that an increasing share of turnover comes from exports and that exports cover all continents.

This year Gustav Dill Vodka did best in the competition for Lignell & Piispanen’s products. It won for the third time the most prestigious Trophy Award for Best Vodka & Tonic Vodka in the World and the fourth gold medal in the same series. According to Räikkönen, in addition to the raw materials picked from the forest, the dill also has a suitable touch of exoticism, which is of interest all the way to Mexico. In addition to Dill Vodka, success also came in the series of gins and liqueurs, ”Räikkönen smiles. “I believe that with these results, we will be able to reopen discussions with new importers and strengthen interest in the current market as well,” Räikkönen concludes.

In addition to Gustav Dill Vodka, Gustav Metsä Gin was awarded with a silver medal in both Distilled Dry Gins and Gin & Double Dutch Tonic series, Gustav Arctic Vodka in the neutral vodka series and Gustav Arctic Cloudberry liqueur in the liqueur series.

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