Lignell & Piispanen into the tourism business, aiming to be among Kuopio’s most attractive places to visit by 2023

Lignell & Piispanen, which will celebrate its 170th anniversary in 2022, is expanding into the travel and hospitality sector by opening a visitor center in Kuopio’s Bellanranta. Our goal to be one of Kuopio’s most attractive visitor destinations within a few years is tough, but that’s how it should be, says Kirsi Räikkönen, Managing Director of Lignell & Piispanen. “Puijo, Kuopio Market, Väinölänniemi and the Lignell & Piispanen Visitor Center, that is the goal.”

The idea of setting up a visitor center has been floating around for years, but the idea was seized during the Corona time. Savonia University of Applied Sciences has also been involved in the planning, providing space planning for the project. “Lignell & Piispanen is known for its long history, our forest-to-glass philosophy and high-quality raw materials and products. These raw materials and the Finnish forest will be a strong focus in our visitor center, which will be driven by the idea of offering both domestic and foreign guests and corporate clients experiences for all senses. Not forgetting, of course, the authentic stories we can draw from and all the historical artefacts we have on hand,” Räikkönen says. “In addition to tours of our history and alcohol production, we also offer visitors seasonal tastings.”

In addition to tours, the visitor centre also offers tastings.

Kuopio is one of the most important tourist cities in Finland, with around half a million visitors in 2019. “We want these tourists to also visit Bellanranta and the Lignell & Piispanen Visitor Center,” Räikkönen smiles and continues, “starting this week, the Bellanranta area will also be easily accessible from the center of Kuopio by Hop-On Hop-Off buses and boat.” The Bellanranta area is also home to small breweries such as Iso-Kalla and RPS, the fantastic restaurant & spa hub Kuopion Saana and Bellanpuisto’s mini golf and padel.

The visitor center is located in connection with the Lignell & Piispanen factory in Bellanranta, Kuopio, at Siikaranta 20. In addition to the visitor center, visitors are also served by the factory shop Kauppahuone and Arctic Bar. Information on the opening hours of the Visitor Centre can be found at

Further information:
Kirsi Räikkönen, CEO
Tel. 040 7700 804