FINNA -sparkling drinks launched to celebrate 170th anniversary of Lignell & Piispanen

Lignell & Piispanen introduced new non-alcoholic FINNA Lakka x Cloudberry and
5 % FINNA – Mesimarja x Arctic Bramble sparkling drinks. FINNA is as a tribute to Finnish nature and arctic berries, unique arctic bramble and aromatic cloudberry. At the same time, the new products take into account consumer’s growing interest to mild and non-alcoholic drinks made from the nature’s pure ingredients.  

“Our company celebrates this 170th anniversary, and we wanted to introduce the anniversary our own sparkling drinks. FINNA –sparkling drinks are made from genuine berries, 170 years of craftsmanship, honouring our ‘From forest to glass’ philosophy. In them, we have also taken into account growing consumer trend, mild and non-alcoholic high-quality drinks and wide range of usage”, tells Kirsi Räikkönen, Managing Director of Lignell & Piispanen.  

“Arctic Bramble and cloudberry are common ingredients to us almost throughout our history, so it was natural for us to choose them as the first flavours of our new FINNA –series. We feel obligated to contribute arctic bramble’s viability as a part of Finnish drink and food culture. Arctic bramble has been an important ingredient in our products since the end of 1800. Our Arctic Bramble Liqueur won in 1900 gold in Paris exposition. The same recipe is still in use. The name FINNA comes from the words FINNISH NATURE. We wanted name that was suitable also for export, because the interest for Finnish berries and nature’s ingredients is in strong international growth”, Räikkönen continues.

FINNA –sparkling drinks were introduced on the Finnish market in February 2022.  “We are launching FINNA into selection of grocery stores and to restaurants and cafes across Finland and to international markets as a mild or non-alcoholic alternative to traditional sparkling wine or champagne. They will be available internationally during this spring, tells Räikkönen.  

Further information:
Kirsi Räikkönen
Managing director
Tel. +358 40 7700 804