Oat also interest alcohol producers – Lignell & Piispanen launches oat-based innovation, Pople Oat Cranberry & Salted Caramel liqueur

Lignell & Piispanen’s new Pople Oat Cranberry & Salted Caramel represents a new style of alcoholic beverage, following the growing trend of plant cream-based products. According to CEO Kirsi Räikkönen, the introduction of a new oat-based liqueur is a natural step for the company, as oats are a familiar ingredient for Finns and are also ideal for vegans, dairy-free and other special diets. “We have been following with interest the growth of oat products and especially oat-based beverages in Finland and around the world. A spring 2020 report* by Nordic research institute Nielsen shows that growth in plant-based drinks has been very strong, up 14% year-on-year and up to 31% in the spring of 2020,” says Räikkönen.

In Pople Oat Cranberry & Salted Caramel, the soft, naturally sweet taste of the oat cream is complemented by the tart cranberry and salted caramel that are perfect for Finnish mouths. The mouthfeel is pleasantly thick and rich. Pople’s natural flavor is formed like the best ideas: by mixing. So, in which way the liqueur is at its best? “Shake and enjoy with ice cream on its own, or try the liqueur in desserts,” Räikkönen advises.

Pople Oat Cranberry & Salted Caramel is available from Alko’s sales-to-order selection and on-board Viking Line ships from week 28. Alcohol 15%, pack size 500 ml, price at Alko 13,96 €

*. Nielsen Homescan kotitalouspaneeli, kasvipohjaiset meijerituotteet, 12 mo. and 6 mo. ending to week 28/2020

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Kirsi Räikkönen, CEO